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Donald McKay
Donald McKay (September 4, 1810 – September 20, 1880) was a Canadian-born American designer and builder of sailing ships, famed for his record-setting clippers.
Early life ·
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The Clipper Ships
A clipper was technically a sailing ship with three masts on which sat a large expanse of square sails. It was designed to carry a small, highly profitable cargo over long distances at high speeds. The clipper’s masts, which could reach as high as a twenty story building, carried more sails and more kinds of sails than any other ship that had been built by that time.
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Memnon (clipper)
The Memnon was the first clipper ship to arrive in San Francisco after the Gold Rush, and the only clipper to arrive in San Francisco before 1850. Built in 1848, she made record passages to San Francisco and to China, and sailed in the first clipper race around Cape Horn.
Record passage to San Francisco ·
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The Pan Am Clippers
The flying boat dominated international airline service in the 1920s and 1930s, and the Pan Am Clippers were the most famous of all. The first Pan American plane to be called a “Clipper,” the S-40 grew out of Juan Trippe and Charles Lindbergh’s desire for a strong
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Clipper Plans
Clipper Ship Construction Plans The British-built Clippers for the Tea Trade had an advantage over the American in that their Designers knew what the intended Cargo was and could estimate its weight & centre of gravity beforehand, allowing for some slight variations in weights of different Teas, and they could, therefore, design more precisely
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Dancing the Clipper Hula
These danced to the music of Louise Akea and her Royal Hawaiian Girls Glee Club. Miss Akea is employed by the Inter-Island Steam Navigation Co., Ltd., general traffic agents in Hawaii for Pan American Airways. A description of the Clipper Hula and
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Pan American Heritage Web Site
For 27+ years, the Pan Am Historical Foundation has preserved & promoted Pan American Airways and its pioneering contributions to 20th-century aviation. includes Pan Am history articles, Pan Am clipper names, aviation photos, aviation video, Pan
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Pan Am Catering 1960
For many years Pan Am had airport membership lounges around the world known as The Clipper Club. At first the membership was by invitation only based on a potential customer’s international travel. In later years the membership was opened up to the public for a fee.

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