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Carabine Izhmash Kalashnikov SAIGA-12 IPSC 12/76
Saiga-12 25 Round Drum – Made In The USA (Tested in Saiga Shotguns Only) Use Only 2 3/4“ Shells Over 1325 fps or Faster Winchester Super X for best performance This grip is based off the factory Molot style grip used on the Molot VEPR-12 shotgun. Color: Dark Earth
Saiga 12. Saiga 12 (vers 278) Semi Automatic 12 GA
The Saiga-12 is a rotating bolt, gas-operated shotgun that is magazine-fed, albeit in a semi-automatic weapon that fires shotgun shells, although the Saiga-12 can be legally converted to be fully-automatic. The Saiga-12 also is offered with two, five or 10-round
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Saiga-12半自動霰彈槍 ——〖槍炮世界〗

Saiga-12 Ver.030 special smooth-bore carbine
Izhmash Saiga-12
 · The Saiga-12 is characterized as a self-loading smooth bore 12-guage shotgun. The Saiga-12 can fire from a 2-, 5-, 8-, 10-, or 12-round detachable box magazines. Additionally, this can be replaced by a 20-round ammunition drum. The Saiga-12 is available in .30
Saiga 12 Semi (toegewyde jag). Saiga 12 Ga Semi Automatic (made in Rusia)
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SAIGA 12’s Sagia Semi-Auto Shotgun’s and rifles are manufactured in Russia by IZHMASH imported by Russian American Armory . This 12 gauge shotguns features a smooth bore barrel with a chrome bore and chamber, adjustable gas system, providing for shooting shot and slugs, including magnum, with a shotshell length of 2 ¾” and 3″.
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Buttstock Slip Over Carrier Holder Fits 12 / 20 GA Gauge Ambidextrous Use for Both Righty and Lefty Shooters Saiga 12 & 20 Gauge Pump Action Sporter 4.5 out of 5 stars 6 $19.95 $ 19. 95 FREE Shipping Splav Tactical Pouch for Mag. Saiga/Vepr
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Saiga-12 종류 전투산탄총 구경 및 사용탄 12게이지 급탄 2, 5, 8, 10발들이 박스 탄창, 20발들이 드럼 탄창 [2] 작동방식 가스 작동식, 반자동 방식 총열길이 580mm 전장 1,145mm(개머리판 펼칠시), 1,060mm(개머리판 접을시) 중량(빈총) 3.6kg 3. 상세
Saiga 12. Saiga 12 (vers 278) Semi Automatic 12 GA

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Saiga-12 là loại súng shotgun được thiết kế bởi Izhmash trong đầu những năm 1990. Đây là loại shotgun bán tự động sử dụng thiết kế của dòng súng trường tấn công Kalashnikov.Tất cả các mẫu của loại súng này đều có cấu tạo giống với khẩu AK với hệ thống
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saiga 12 gauge for sale and auction. Buy a saiga 12 gauge online. Sell your saiga 12 gauge for FREE today on GunsAmerica! TROMIX SBS 12 GAUGE SBS SHORT BARREL SHOTGUN Like New safe queen less than 50 rounds. Make an offer OBO You must be