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Patent analysis 1. Patent Analysis 22/05/2014 2. Linear model of innovation basic research applied research Development production or operations Market 3. Stokes’s diagram Low use Known use New Use 4. History • Patent, the adjective
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Generate and export a C-Suite ready patent analysis report in 5 minutes. Schedule a demo with PatentSight or download a sample report now! With PatentSight Smart Reports, you can quickly create meaningful and accurate patent analysis reports. The result is a
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Patent Analysis
The following definitions provide context for understanding the analysis of claims and the example that follows: dimension: a specific logical concept within an industry. In the context of the pharmaceutical industry used as an example throughout the patent a dimension might represent a …
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Patent analysis of selected quantum technologies
 · PDF 檔案Patent analysis is a well-established way to gauge economic potential of new technologies. Several studies have been done on patenting trends in quantum technologies, as summarized in Appendix 1. All these studies rely on search tools based on key
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Patent Search and Analysis Our patent search capabilities offer advanced boolean functions, structured search, biological search, classification search, filtering and sorting options to find the most relevant and important patents.
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We do not provide legal opinions, patent valuation, validity searches or services directly related to competitor analysis such as patentability or freedom to operate services. After discussing your project needs, we will prepare a scoping document and negotiate the cost, in addition to determining a patent search strategy in consultation with you.
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Legal Advantage: Comprehensive patent landscape analysis in NY, CA, IL and other major US and Canada locations. Call (301) 637-6180 today to learn more. Legal Advantage LLC’s patent mapping service is an advanced business intelligence tool that can help
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Patent search solution for SMEs and not only! PatentPulse is a patent search and analysis platform that is particularly adapted to SMEs that want to exploit technological information. Its outstanding quality/price ratio makes it very affordable and its price is very
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Patent Analysis explores various methods and resources to analyze all aspects of worldwide patent process and value. This includes APIs and code from the USPTO and EPO (ESpace). It is targeted to active IP law pros and inventors so it is not a wide open reddit.
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Patent visualisation
Patent visualisation is an application of information visualisation. The number of patents has been increasing steadily,[1] thus forcing companies to consider intellectual property as a part of their strategy.[2] Patent visualisation, like patent mapping, is used to quickly view a patent portfolio. Software dedicated to patent visualisation
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patent analysis
Patent Visualization Tool XLUS is web-based software that can visualize massive numbers of patent searches and analysis results in landscape thememap. In order to illustrate the similarity and technological relationships between patents, XLUS produces a
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Patent citation network analysis: A perspective from …

 · Patent Citation Analysis has been gaining considerable traction over the past few decades. In this paper, we collect extensive information on patents and citations and provide a perspective of citation network analysis of patents from a statistical viewpoint. We identify and analyze the most cited patents, the most innovative and the highly cited companies along with the structural properties
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Early Patent Portfolios and Patent Deployment Strategic Analysis of Biomedical Innovative Technologies: A Study of Novel Stem Cells Technology 生物醫學創新技術之先期專利組合及其布局策略分析-以新興幹細胞技術為例 作者: 黃琬珉 Huang, Wan-Min 關鍵字:
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Patent Analysis This is a tool to download US Patent information, particularly, citation network from and store into MongoDB to analyze. Currently, this dataset contains 6.215.171 patents (verticies) and 86.184.397 citations (edges). For example, we
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 · PDF 檔案A patent document contains dozens of items for analysis; some are structured, meaning they are uniform in semantics and in format across patents such as patent number, filing date, or inventors; some are unstructured, meaning they are free texts such that they are quite different in length and