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The word is in the Wiktionary1 short excerpt of Wiktionnary (A collaborative project to produce a free-content dictionary.)— English word — orarion n. A deacon’s stole in the Eastern Orthodox Church. 9 English words from the English definition Church deacon Eastern Eastern Orthodox Eastern Orthodox Church Orthodox Orthodox Church stole the
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The ORARION (diaconal stole, Greek: ὀράριον; Slavonic: Орарь, orar) is a narrow stole, usually four to five inches (127mm) wide and of various lengths, made of brocade, often decorated with crosses (three, five or seven) embroidered or appliquéd along its length.
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This protodeacon’s double orarion is made of velvet and decorated with HOLY и AΓΙΟΣ embroideries. This set includes velvet cuffs. Average time to complete the order is 1 month. The same orarion can be made in various liturgical colors while the embroidery can be done with different color threads. *If you’d like to select a set of a different color, please specify the required color in the
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an orarion, which is approx. 150″-long (finished length may vary slightly according to the person’s height and body structure) hand-tailored in polyester velvet, in the color of your choice with soft interlining and fully-lined in satin in the color of your choice (to ensure proper draping and long life)
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Orarion – (in various Christian confessions) the attire of the deacon and the sub-deacon is a long narrow strip of brocade or other coloured fabric. In Orthodox Churches, the orarion is worn not only by deacons, but also by archdeacons and hierodeacons corresponding to them in the black clergy, respectively.
Metallic-Brocade Double-Length Archdeacon's Orarion
orarion is a sign of his rank and significance within the clergy. In Slavic tradition, a deacon wears a single orarion whereas in Byzantine tradition, he wears a double orarion that matches the vestment fabric. Whether you prefer to wear single-sided or two You
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Order ORARION ENBROIDERED 11117 (Under order) | In the online store «Church vestments and fabrics» – making vestments and other products necessary for daily liturgical life. Fabric: Velvet Machine embroidery Color of the fabric: Purple Lining: Satin Tassels
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Het Orarion (Grieks: ὀράριον; Kerkslavisch: орарь, orar) is in de orthodoxe kerken en oosters-katholieke kerken het equivalent van de westerse diakenstola.Het orarion bestaat uit een lange strook stof, meestal brokaat, afgezet met goudband.Zoals in de Rooms-Katholieke Kerk loopt het orarion van de linkerschouder over de rechterheup.
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orarion: translation /euh rair”ee euhn/, n., pl. oraria /euh rair”ee euh/. Eastern Ch. a stole worn by deacons. Also, orarium. [1700-10; MGk orárion LL
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Orarion Color Clear deacons orarion with cuffs – 7 colors quantity Add to cart SKU: DOC Categories: Embroidered, Paschal Items Buy 3 or more and save 10% Share this: Description Description Brocade, Deacons Orarions, cuffs are included. Very high quality
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