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聆聽經驗,多媒體系統),並說說看搭配心得,擺位經驗等(發燒音響 第1頁)
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Famous JBL 4355
 · The JBL 4355 is the most famous monitor and the largest. They command a lot of money, even after 20 years. Having built many speakers, I’m sorely tempted to build a large monitor featuring all new professional components, including a large format mid horn and dual 15 inch woofers.
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JBL Studiomonitor 4345
4355 Weichen für JBL Sammler DIY JBL K2-S9900 Style Yuichi A-290 Beryllium 18 Zoll Faital vollaktiv 4344 mit Aluminium Gehäuse 4343 Weichen CC Technologie (2) Heimkino mit BLS Horn BLS Reference Mk2 4343 Weichen CC Technologie 4355 Weichen
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60+ JBL stereo speakers ideas
Nov 16, 2018 – Explore Adrian Papi’s board “JBL stereo speakers” on Pinterest. See more ideas about Stereo speakers, Jbl, Hifi audio. In 1975 to 1981, the L300 Summit was JBL’s flagship speaker system of the modern JBL era and a major step forward in JBL’s
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loa JBL L300 và 4344
 · em đã hài lòng với phối ghép jbl 4344. Sau khi DIY cặp mono block 211, import đủ loại bóng quý hiếm về thay cho pre và amp thì kết quả là .quá khó. em đành tạm gác giấc mơ chinh phuc 4344 …
L-Pad knobs for my JBL 4344 DIY Project!
JBL 4344
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JBL 4344
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Looking at the JBL 4344 mkII filter they have a 3rd order filter to the 077 tweeter. Fortunately I have frd and zrd files from such tweeter and from modeling I can see they had a 3rd order filter providing a 4th order roll-off at 8 kHz, exactly what they specify.
My JBL 4344 DIY Project!

JBL 4344 NETWORK DIY TEST 2-音樂-高清完整正版視頻 …

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請問前輩 JBL 4344 的後級搭配 (第2頁)
 · 請問前輩 JBL 4344 的後級搭配 – C.D. wrote:最後聲音聽起來最喜歡的是 Accuphase D-600喜歡就送修擴大機, 電位器與relay都檢查看看, 會比買一臺劃算吧.(發燒音響 第2頁)
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Recommendations for Turntable
 · Hello, I have decided to get a Turntable. My budget is around 10,000 CAD. My current system is McIntosh C70 pre and MC462 power with JBL XPL200 speakers. A JBL 4344 DIY is on the way but not ready yet The C70 pre has phono-input which is said to be
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Jbl 4344 service manual
Jbl 4344 service manual The jbl 4344, a professional speaker developed during jbl´ s shift from its 4- way to an “ augmented 2- way concept” age. find the user manual you need for your audio device and more at manualsonline. the evolution towards the current
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Famous JBL 4355
 · Hi I have a pair of JBL 4344 coming. Looking forward to listening to them. The Jbl K2’s look fantastic Cheers. andythiing March 17, 2016 Has to be one of the funniest posts I’ve read on SNA – …
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JBL 4348
Evaluation of Oyama after JBL 4348 attention JBL4348 accomplished restyling as a succession model in top 4344MK2 of 43 series in 2002. Legendary 4343 ahead of 4344. 43** Because it is an impression in the attention association of [o-dei;oikeon], this speaker
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JBL 發燒音響蓋大樓
 · 由於個人是 JBL 忠實粉絲,希望提供 JBL 玩家一個心得交流的園地, 並提供玩家彼此已經有的經驗, 減少學習摸索時間, 資料越多大家就越能查詢到, 進而玩的更好請 JBL 玩家踴躍提供您的系統(Hi-Fi音響