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它已經在瑞安公司和天使投資的字符串支持的一輪融資募集億$ 4.25 總部位於加州的Incentify公司成立於2019年,INCENTIVE PROGRAM - STARVEND
What is the opposite of incentify?
Antonyms for incentify include discourage, dishearten, uninspire, debilitate, demoralise, demoralize, enfeeble, hamstring, intimidate and psych out. Find more
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Incentify conjugation in English in all forms
Incentify conjugation English This verb can also mean the following: provide an incentive, do, provide, corporate rivalry and market power competition issues in the tourism industry
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企業啟動Incentify提出從稅務諮詢服務瑞安億$ 2.7使用這份推銷簡 …

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Incentify is the leading SaaS-based tax credits & incentives (C&I) platform, offering services from discovery and compliance to monetization and audit. The organizations integrate Incentify’s platform to better forecast C&I monetization, enhance collaboration, centralize data, automate workflows, and overall enhance C&I value for its clients. As dedicated to C&I, Incentify plays a direct role
Ryan Announces Exclusive Partnership with Incentify. the Leading Tax Credits and Incentives Technology Company
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These are #imusify's repositories on GitHub — — #SmartContract incentify — #Blockchain Middleware — Crowdfunding ...

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Incentify Solutions one of the finest technology company in Pakistan, purely focused on transport and hospitality industry, we are making inroads in the marketing world. We are an innovative and seasoned group of marketing professionals with experience in handling
Enterprise Tax Credits & Incentives Platform Incentify Nets $4.25 Million In Latest Strategic Investment Round - WFMZ Allentown - WiredFocus

.: “Incentify” is NOT a word!

‘Incentify’ IS a word because people use it – not because you don’t like it. I used to have my own pet peeves but realised that I do not own the language and getting upset because someone is misusing it is about as pointless as yelling at the sun for rising.
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Incentify is at a tipping point. We have multiple Fortune 500 clients on 2+ year contracts, we drive extraordinary value such that we have a 100% renewal rate, and we just successfully closed a significant round of funding. All of that is to say that we’ve got a
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incentifyの意味や使い方 語源incentive + -ify動詞incentify (三人稱単數 現在形 incentifies, 現在分詞 incentifying, 過去形および過去分詞形 incentif – 約1173萬語ある英和辭典・和英辭典。発音・イディオムも分かる英語辭書。
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CTO, Incentify The auditors were easy to work with, patient, and provided information in a timely manner. They actually acted more like a partner because even though they followed the procedure, they took the time to ensure, we understood what needed correcting and why.
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INCENTIFY Trademark of Incentify, Inc.
INCENTIFY – Trademark Details Status: 700 – Registered Serial Number 87804493 Registration Number 5748454 Word Mark INCENTIFY Status 700 – Registered Status Date 2019-05-14 Filing Date 2018-02-20 Registration Number 5748454 Registration Date
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Incentify | 240 من المتابعين على LinkedIn. The world’s most powerful tax credits and incentives management platform. Formerly known as The OIX | Incentify is the world’s most powerful tax credit & incentive platform, dedicated to realizing the
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Incentify – The World’s First Cash for Grades App, Carlsbad, California. 96 likes. Incentify is an accelerated learning app that uses cash incentives to motivate students to learn. Students learn,
Incentify – Motivate Learning with Cash for Grades

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Incentify provides software systems for tax credit & incentive management, administration and monetization, and is the only provider of enterprise solutions offering secure cloud-based technology incorporating collaboration, compliance, workflow and reporting tools for
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Incentify: The World’s First Cash for Grades App
The cure for unfocused students! Weekly Micro-Scholarships motivate students i | Check out ‘Incentify: The World’s First Cash for Grades App’ on Indiegogo.