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Group buying websites allows business owners to take advantage of economies of scale by offering discounts on products/services to a high number of purchasers buying the same thing within a designated time frame. There are two main group buying websites for
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GROUP-BUYING websites are certainly a cultural phenomenon and I just read that overall revenue for the group-buying market is up 28 per cent, quarter on quarter, from $123.9 million to $158.5 million.
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Also known as Daily Deal or Collective Buying sites, Group Buying Websites (GBW) are a relatively new phenomenon only hitting the mainstream in 2009. The principle behind them is to exploit the power of the web and social media to sell large quantities of an individual product or service at a discounted price that appeals to buyers, while still providing many benefits to seller.
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Group-buying website comes up short
Group-buying websites are the fastest growing player in online shopping, but with so many companies joining the action, some customers are paying the price for deals that go wrong. The websites
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Group Buying Websites (Daily Deals) is one of latest trends in Web commerce, it’s a way to use the Web to get a volume discount, Groups of consumers will band together to buy a particular good, and local Merchants will be forced to offer wholesale prices to
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Without a doubt, group buying websites have invaded the Philippines. We scoured the Internet and our latest count shows that there are at least 20 active (and legitimate) group buying sites operating in the country. What is a Group Buying … Top 5 Group Buying sites in the Philippines Read More »
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 · Modern day group buying websites are really just daily deals websites. They do not actually grant you access to the benefits of collective purchasing. Collective purchasing is a situation where a large group of people or business owners come together to leverage their power in numbers to secure lower prices for bulk products.
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One group buying executive told me that they don’t want to restrict customers so that people who do not live nearby your business will buy over the weekend. By restricting accessibility to customers from afar, it ‘defeats the purpose of marketing’.
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Understanding group-buying websites continuance Understanding group-buying websites continuance Zhang, Hong ; Lu, Yaobin ; Gupta, Sumeet ; Gao, Ping 2015-10-05 00:00:00 Purpose – Sustainable success of group-buying web sites implies that consumers not only accept them initially but also use them continuously.
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Group Buying allows consumers or small businesses to effectively buy in bulk, despite each consumer or business only buying one of each product or service. By coming together online, (i.e. visiting a website), buyers can register to receive a product or service at a set discounted rate.
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Group buying websites no longer discounting customer complaints THE $500m discount voucher industry has come good, with complaints down and some …
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Community group buying integrates small orders from households in the community into a large order. Merchants can deliver the goods in a unified manner, and then the consumers pick them up. Substituting delivery to the stores and shops for express logistics to customers, greatly reducing the logistics cost.
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More and more group-buying websites are appearing, but do they actually save us money and are they really bargaining for a better deal? Group-buying websites have sprung up all over the place over the past couple of years, promising to help us save money by …
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