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Inflation in China is running rampant because of the …

 · Inflation in China hit its highest level in more than eight years last month as the coronavirus drove up demand for consumer goods and shuttered business activity in parts of the country. China’s
China: Inflation jumps to over one-year high in May 2019
Asian Shares Fall On China Inflation Data
 · (RTTNews) – Asian stocks fell broadly on Friday as Sino-U.S. tensions and concerns about rising inflation in China overshadowed investor optimism over the global economic recovery. During a …
China Inflation February 2020

China grapples with stagnant inflation as consumers …

But even when food and energy are stripped out, China’s core inflation has remained at 0.5 per cent for the past five months — its lowest level since 2010, and a puzzle given that China is
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China’s consumer inflation lifted by food prices
 · China’s food prices rose 1.2% in December, recovering from a 2.0% drop in November. Prices of fruits, beef and mutton widened gains in December, while the …
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China’s economy grew 18.3 per cent in the first quarter of …

 · China’s GDP grew just 2.3 per cent last year. That was its weakest expansion in 44 years but still made it the only major economy to avoid contraction as other industrial powers struggled with the
The Street Light: China's Inflation Rates: Signs of Market Imperfections
People’s Republic of China: Economy
The People’s Republic of China’s GDP expected to grow by 1.8% in 2020 and 7.7% in 2021 – ADO 2020 Update The People’s Republic of China’s inflation rates forecasted at 3.0% in 2020 and 1.8% in 2021 – ADO 2020 Update
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China’s inflation rate jumped to a new decade high of 8.7 percent in February 2008 after severe winter storms disrupted the economy and worsened food shortages, the government said 11 March 2008. [165] Throughout the summer and fall, however, inflation fell
China: Inflation inches up from Feb.’s over two-year low - Mar. 2017
China is missing from the great inflation debate
Once again, massive fiscal spending in the United States has invited warnings of inflation and triggered dark memories of the 1970s. But these fears are based on a model that has since been obliterated by economic realities – not least the rise of China, which has
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China’s Perilous Inflation Threat|Industry|2010-12 …

China’s government has already trotted out a number of policy tools to try to keep inflation in check, including price controls, limits on property loans, tight capital controls, the gradual appreciation of the renminbi, and even five increases within one year in banks
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 · Inflation in China put a lot of pressure on the Chinese to let the Yuan appreciate, which in turn will lead to further appreciation of other Asia currencies, etc. Guess what that’s going to do to the prices of all sort of commodities? In the end, the USD is probably not
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China Must Choose Between Inflation or Pollution From …

 · China Must Choose Between Inflation or Pollution From Steel Bloomberg News 12 hrs ago Wright shooting: Decision on officer’s charges could come today GOP prepping smaller counteroffer to …
Surging food prices just sent Chinese inflation to the highest level in months | Business Insider
當前值,圖表和經濟日歷 – 中國 – 通貨膨脹率 (月度環比).
China: Inflation moderates in March 2018

China factory data sparks global inflation concern, …

 · China’s producer price index, which measures the cost of goods at the factory gate, for last month was up 4.4 per cent year on year, the National Bureau of Statistics said. BEIJING • China’s
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In China wird die Inflation zum Thema
Die Preise in China steigen nicht stark, aber stetig. Die Bürger schimpfen über hohe Mieten und Preise für Schweinefleisch. In der Vergangenheit hatte Inflation fast zur Revolution geführt.